Recording on this year's EWC Conference online

Recording online

Click here to watch the entire 2020 EWC Conference now online.

What was on the agenda this year?

This year’s digital edition of the annual European Works Councils conference focused on fair restructuring.

As a result of the COVID-19 crisis, massive restructuring processes in various sectors of the economy must be expected in the future. Over 250 European Works Council representatives from all over Europe joined in to discuss the massive restructuring processes in different sectors, the support needed for European Works Council members and necessary actions to ensure that workers’ rights are respected. In addition, the COVID-19 health crisis has clearly highlighted the significant shortcomings of European legislation covering workers' rights to information, consultation and participation, including the European Works Council Directive.

It is now time to maintain the pressure on decision-makers across Europe and to keep the issue of workers’ involvement high on the agenda.