The joint strategy

Together with the European Trade Union Federations (ETUFs), the ETUC has started a strategy for More Democracy at Work. It aims at increasing trade union efforts, strengthening the coordination and mobilising affiliates and workers’ representatives to action. In this context, several events, actions and communication initiatives are organised. Find out more.


The ETUC organises specific events targeted towards the European institutions. The most prominent is the Annual ETUC EWC Conference, where EWC representatives have the opportunity to exchange with representatives from the European Commission, the European Parliament and national governments. Find the recording of 2020 Annual EWC Conference.

The ETUC is regularly organising meetings and seminars on the different issues at stake for the ETUC affiliates.

The ETUC is actively participating to numerous events organised by its affiliates to support proper involvement of workers in business operations to protect and strengthen workers’ rights.

The ETUC plans to organise 2021 as the Year of Democracy at Work.

EWC conference
Keep pushing

The ETUC maintains its tight ties to the European institutions – in particular to the European Parliament. We strive to make our voice heard and to underline workers’ information, consultation and participation rights.

The ETUC keeps regular contacts with the European Commission, in particular with Commissioner Schmit (Jobs & Social Rights) . The ETUC also issued a petition for workers’ representatives and trade unions to the European Commission and national governments.

Upon request from the unions and affiliates involved, the ETUC also engages in actions towards managements of specific companies.

Protests in front of Council

The ETUC together with national confederations organise a series of events in different EU countries related to the framework of the Democracy at work strategy.

Currently the ETUC and the European Trade Union Federations are running a joint petition calling on the European and national institutions to ensure that workers’ rights are respected in restructuring processes across all workplaces! Sign it here.

Protests in front of EP
Awareness raising

The ETUC issues online communication material through its website and social media involving EWC members and other workers’ representatives. Further dissemination material is produced to raise awareness of workers’ rights and possibilities, including for access to justice in case of violations of existing requirements.

These communication efforts also include political, organisational and communication support on specific cases of restructuring where ICP rights have not been respected.

woman with megaphone
Practical support to our affiliates

A series of workshops is organised by the ETUC to train EWC members and other workers’ representatives on key issues (e.g. litigations, workers’ rights in restructuring processes…).

Find out about upcoming seminars, training sessions, etc.

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