MEPs back directive on democracy at work

The European Parliament has voted in favour of the Bischoff report on democracy at work, which calls for:

  • A new framework directive on workers' information, consultation and board level representation;
  • Puts pressure on the European Commission to increase the involvement of workers in workplace decisions making bodies;
  • A revision of the European Works Council Directive

Commenting on the vote, ETUC Confederal Secretary Isabelle Schömann said:

“The evidence shows that democratic workplaces are safer, fairer and more sustainable. Democracy at work is essential to shape green and digital transformation of the world of work so that no worker is left behind. It also reinforces democratic behaviour in society more widely.

“Today’s report setting the way forward to more democracy at work is crucial at a time when Covid has made workplaces more at risk and when democracy is under threat from far-right populists.

“The vote shows strong cross-party support for a new framework on information, consultation and board level representation and it’s imperative the Commission bring that forward in the coming year. A Directive is needed to ensure employers can no longer exploit loopholes in EU law to dodge their most basic obligations to workplace democracy.

“Workers’ rights to information, consultation and participation should be strengthened and enforced so that democracy does not stop at the workplace."


ETUC strategy for democracy at work: