ETUC on Annual Sustainable Growth Strategy

Commenting on the European Commission’s ‘Annual Sustainable Growth Strategy’ published today, the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) called for higher EU and national public investment to meet the needs it identifies for social rights, climate action and to tackle precariousness.

“New money is needed to carry out the many good things written in the Strategy  about poverty, precariousness and the environment” said Liina Carr, Confederal Secretary of the ETUC.

“The Strategy rightly highlights the importance of fully implementing the European Pillar of Social Rights. But where are the proposals for public investment to deliver sustainable growth and socially fair climate action?

“We will be satisfied when there are EU economic policy recommendations for higher wages, tackling poverty and precariousness, and socially fair climate action. Today’s strategy contains many positive points, but does not deal with vital questions about financing which cannot be solved by shifting money from one EU or national budget to another.

“In future the EU’s annual economic policy making process also needs to state much more clearly how the Sustainable Development Goals will be achieved in Europe.”