ETUC strongly supports US Employee Free Choice Act (Uniquement en anglais)

Brussels, 13/05/2009

In a letter to European Commission President Barroso, ETUC underlines the importance, at this time of global economic crisis, for all of our societies of providing that workers are free to organise and bargain collectively. The rights and ability of workers to defend their wages and working conditions can help prevent a collapse of purchasing power and the market. The Employee Free Choice Act would be an important step in that direction for US workers. It would allow them to have a fairer chance to form unions without being victims of brutal intimidation, often including discharge. Current U.S. anti-union practices serve as a destructive model for industrial relations in other countries and in particular gives succour to those seeking to undermine the European social model and its reliance on social dialogue.

Letter to Commission President Barroso

To download the letter to Commission President Barroso and Vice President Verheugen and Commissioners Ashton, Ferrero-Waldner and Spidla, please click on the icon below.