Areas and technical committees of involvement

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During 2017, European Committee for Standardization (CEN) and the European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization (CENELEC) published about 1650 standards and other specifications. In total, there exist above 20.000 different CEN & CENELEC European Standards.

While most of these documents affect workers and working conditions to varying degrees, the effectiveness of trade union participation requires a selection of the most relevant topics and corresponding Technical Bodies. Following consultation of ETUC affiliates, the ETUC selected two main areas of involvement, namely advanced manufacturing and services.


List of the selected Technical Committees in which the ETUC participates:



Corresponding Standardisation Technical Committee

Cabin air Quality on Civil Aircraft

CEN/TC 436 “Cabin air Quality on Civil Aircraft”


EC Multistakeholder Platform on ICT standardisation

CEN-CLC/JTC 13 "Cybersecurity and Data Protection"

CEN Focus Group on Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies"


CEN/TC 319 "Maintenance"

Facility Management

CEN/TC 348 "Facility Management"

Private Security Services

CEN/TC 439 'Private Security Services'

Horizontal service standards

CEN/TC 447 "Horizontal standards for the provision of services"

Quality Framework for Internships CEN/WS 95 'Quality Framework for Internships'

Healthcare services

CEN/TC 450 "Minimum requirements of patient involvement in person-centred care"

CEN/TC 449 "Quality of care for older people"

ISO/TC 304 "Healthcare organisation management"

Human Resource Management

ISO/TC 260 "Human Resource Management"

Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace 

ISO/TC 283 “Occupational Health and Safety Management”

Ageing Workforce

ISO/TC 314 "Ageing Societies"


ISO/TC 309 'Governance of organisations'