17.05.2020 Document

ETUC statement on International Day Against Homophobia

LGBT workers still suffer from discrimination in the world of work and in the society due to their sexual orientation. In times of Covid, as in other crises, these rights are even more under threat, due to lack of legislative protection and underrepresentation in workplaces and society in general.
30.04.2020 Document

Women’s human reproductive rights and lives at risk: the ETUC Women’s Committee calls for the rejection of the proposed bill currently being discussed in Poland

The ETUC Women’s Committee stands beside women from across Europe who are fighting to fulfil their rights to safe, legal and fully comprehensive reproductive healthcare. The ETUC Women’s Committee particularly supports Polish women who are protesting against a bill, submitted through the citizens’ initiative which aims to introduce a full ban on abortion. The bill is currently being discussed in the Polish Parliament.
30.04.2020 Document

ETUC Youth Committee Statement #1MAY * Labour Day 2020 *

What are the trade unions are fighting for?
Trade Unions are always here continuing to fight for… This year we celebrate a Labour Day out of the norm. Generally, thousands of workers would have taken to the streets to celebrate this day, but, this year, this will not be possible due to the current COVID-19 crisis.
29.04.2020 Document

Youth Guarantee: The momentum for quality jobs is now!

28/04/2020 : Letter to the European Commission on the Youth Guarantee  Dear President von der Leyen, Dear Commissioner Schmit, In recent weeks every aspect of our life as we know it has been turned around. The European Union is once again under scrutiny and we are under strong pressure to demonstrate to the citizens that it can offer strategies on how to overcome the consequences of the pandemic.
24.04.2020 Document

ETUC calls for EU and national funding for companies during and after COVID-19 to depend on respect of tax obligations and workers’ rights

The ETUC to make access of companies to EU and national public funding during and after the COVID-19 outbreak conditional to the respect of tax obligations and workers’ rights Member States are providing direct public support to companies facing the COVID-19 outbreak. The European Union has pledged many different financial instruments to assist the Member States in their action to support economic activities of companies and provide income replacement to workers.
  • 06.04.2020 Document

    ETUC statement ahead of Eurogroup and Council decisions on crisis response

    Less than one month after the start of lockdowns in many EU countries due to COVID-19 outbreak, the number of additional unemployed workers has crossed 4 million, with hundreds of thousands of companies closed and many unlikely to survive the emergency. At the same time, measures to support companies facing difficulties and to provide workers suspended from work with short-time work arrangements and income compensation have been put in place in most Member States, making it possible to save millions of jobs.
  • 26.03.2020 Document

    ETUC Statement on the EU Action Plan on Human Rights and Democracy

    Respect for human rights and fundamental values should be guiding the Union in all its internal as well as external actions. In everyday life as well as in times of crises, the universality and indivisibility of human rights must be upheld to ensure human dignity at both global and local level.
  • 25.03.2020 Document

    ETUC letter to Presidents Michel, von der Leyen and Centeno

    Dear Presidents, The COVID-19 emergency is hitting working people in Europe hard. Those who work in activities of general interest, such as health care, transportation, agriculture, food production, and many other services are exposed to contagion and are poorly protected. In many cases their working conditions have been worsened.
  • 23.03.2020 Document

    Young people shouldn’t learn the hard way!

    Call to EU institutions and national governments to protect workers now and in the future.   The ETUC Youth Committee is deeply concerned about the spread of coronavirus throughout Europe, particularly in countries such as Italy.  Such concerns relate to the repercussions this is having on the lives of thousands of people, as well as on economic activities, employment and the social dimension and resilience of the entire European Union. 
  • 19.03.2020 Document

    Renewed Eastern Partnership - ETUC Statement

    The European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) and the Pan European Regional Council of the International Trade Union Confederation (PERC) welcome the European Commission’s proposals for a renewed Eastern Partnership with Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine. Both trade union organisations welcome the commitment of the European Commission to continue and deepen the Eastern Partnership with the six EU neighborhood countries.  
  • 09.03.2020 Document

    ETUC statement ahead of Commission proposal for an EU Industrial Strategy

    The European Trade Union Movement will welcome the forthcoming EU industrial strategy if the proposals are fair for workers, supportive of the most vulnerable regions and sectors and with sufficient funding to be implemented properly. Workers and trade unions are part of the solution and expect an inclusive governance process to shape and implement the strategy.   
  • 18.02.2020 Document

    The ETUC calls for an EU digital strategy for Europe that delivers for workers!

    On 19 February 2020 the European Commission will announce its strategy for a Europe fit for the digital age.   The ETUC got reassurance from Commissioner Breton on 10 February that trade unions and workers’ representatives will be part of the solutions shaping a sustainable and socially acceptable digital transition within the EU industrial policy strategy, in particular via an inclusive governance structure.
  • 17.02.2020 Document

    An EU directive on due diligence and responsible business conduct

    A European directive on Human Rights due diligence and responsible business conduct including their supply chains will make the difference in better protecting workers rights and environmental standards. The Commission needs to act! In the next days, the European Commission will publish a report of the British Institute of International and Comparative Law (BIICL) on due diligence requirements for supply chains. The report analyses the state of play and the need for initiatives at European level, paving the way to a possible commission initiative.
  • 17.02.2020 Document

    AI - Humans must be in command

    Forthcoming European Commission Communication on Artificial Intelligence:  ETUC CALLS FOR AN AMBITIOUS STRATEGY RESPECTFUL OF WORKERS Ahead of the upcoming European Commission’s 2020 white paper on artificial intelligence, the European Trade Union Confederation reiterates the need for an ambitious European AI strategy to maintain and reinforce workers’ protection and involvement, and empower them to create sustainable use of AI tools.
  • 31.01.2020 Document

    ETUC Brexit Statement

    Today the UK leaves the EU. We send this message of support, solidarity and unity among working people. For trade unions there are no borders. We will continue our joint work to make working peoples voices heard, to insist on a level playing field to protect jobs and rights for workers in the UK and the EU. Working together during 2020 we will demand a future agreement that delivers for workers, their families and communities.
  • 28.01.2020 Document

    Statement to the EU-Ukraine Association Council

    Statement to the EU-Ukraine Association Council, 28 January 2020 On the occasion of the EU-Ukraine Association Council that meets to assess the progress Ukraine has achieved in implementation of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement, the European and Ukrainian trade unions condemn the recent violations of this Agreement by the government of Ukraine, which introduced a number of amendments to the labour laws without any consultations with social partners as required by national and international legislation. 
  • 18.12.2019 Document

    ETUC Executive Committee statement on the lack of Social Dialogue on Labour Law reform in Ukraine

    ETUC Executive Committee statement on the lack of Social Dialogue on Labour Law reform in Ukraine Adopted at the Executive Meeting of 17-18 December 2019 The ETUC Executive Committee expresses its concerns about the perceived lack of willingness of the Ukrainian government to undertake a proper consultation process with the social partners on the Labour Law reform and pledges to raise this with the European Commission and Parliament.
  • 23.10.2019 Document

    Statement on Albania and North Macedonia accession to the EU

    Statement on Albania and North Macedonia accession to the EU We regret the decision of the European Council not to open accession negotiations with Albania and North Macedonia and express our solidarity with workers and their trade unions from these counties. They face enormous challenges of decent work deficits, non-respect of the law, low wages, high levels of informal work, as well as systematic violation of fundamental workers’ rights and freedoms.