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25.03.2020 Press release

Unions support EU accession negotiations with Albania & North Macedonia

The European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC)  and the Pan European Regional Council of the International Trade Union Confederation (PERC) strongly urge the European Council, meeting tomorrow, to approve the opening of accession negotiations with Albania and North Macedonia - righting the wrong d

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27.03.2020 Document

Letter to Croatian Government on suspension of labour & social rights

Dear Prime Minister, Dear Minister, The European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) has been informed by its Croatian affiliates, SSSH and NHS, that the Croatian Ministry of Labour and Pension System is drafting an Act on regulating labour relations in the circumstances of the COVID-19 epidemic and by which bring some important changes to fundamental social rights as they are currently enshrined in the Croatian Labour Code. The law would amongst others “temporarily”:
26.03.2020 Document

ETUC Statement on the EU Action Plan on Human Rights and Democracy

Respect for human rights and fundamental values should be guiding the Union in all its internal as well as external actions. In everyday life as well as in times of crises, the universality and indivisibility of human rights must be upheld to ensure human dignity at both global and local level.
26.03.2020 Publication

COVID-19 Watch // ETUC Briefing notes

Cover Pubblicazione Briefing notes
The ETUC launches a series of ‘COVID-19 Watch’ briefing notes. They focus on developments providing critical information on the impacts of COVID-19 on labour markets, workers and citizens across Europe. These Briefing Notes are produced by the ETUC with the support of the ETUI and ETUC affiliated organisations. While every effort has been made to make them accurate at the date of publication, new agreements and measures are being announced daily. The current briefings will be updated periodically, and new ones produced on other topics.
25.03.2020 Document

ETUC letter to Presidents Michel, von der Leyen and Centeno

Dear Presidents, The COVID-19 emergency is hitting working people in Europe hard. Those who work in activities of general interest, such as health care, transportation, agriculture, food production, and many other services are exposed to contagion and are poorly protected. In many cases their working conditions have been worsened.
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The ETUC takes action in a number of ways: through political pressure and negotiations with EU institutions, social dialogue, and large-scale demonstrations.

Since the start of the crisis, the European Union has demonstrated its growing power over countries that use the single currency. But even outside the Eurozone, EU Member States face the same challenges and are becoming increasingly interdependent. Climate change, energy supply, worker mobility and migration are among the issues that cannot be tackled by individual nations.

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