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Right to strike
15.09.2023 Press release

Parliament protects right to strike

The European Parliament has this week voted in favour of safeguards for the right to strike, which is at risk under the proposal for a Single Market Emergency Instrument (SMEI).
14.09.2023 Press release

Record rate hike hits workers, helps shareholders

The European Central Bank today announced a 10th consecutive increase in interest rates, leaving them at their highest level since the creation of the Euro. Responding to the decision, European Trade Union Confederation General Secretary Esther Lynch said:

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20.09.2023 Document

Commission’s Lampedusa plan: ETUC calls on Commission to change approach

barbed wire cover
Following the visit of European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen to the island of Lampedusa on 17 September, the ETUC reiterates the urgent need for a fair and humane European asylum and migration policy, in line with international and EU legal obligations and in full respect of fundamental rights.
19.09.2023 Document

BEFIT: Commission gives green light to tax avoidance until 2031

The European Commission recently published its long-awaited BEFIT (Business in Europe: Framework for Income Taxation) proposal for the taxation of large multinational companies. It follows a long-term effort to introduce group taxation with a formula for allocating taxable profits where value is created (in terms of payroll, number of employees, assets). This was the intended objective of the CCTB and CCCTB proposals, which have now been withdrawn from the European agenda.
12.09.2023 Document

Joint call for a ban on deregulation for SMEs

CFDT, FO, CFTC UNSA and DGB with the support of the ETUC call for a ban on deregulation for SMES    Deregulation: no - Simplification: under strict conditions The Franco-German Initiative on the relief package for SMEs is disguised deregulation: SMEs fall in a legal no man’s land; Business cannot be above the law
10.09.2023 Document

Solidarity message to Moroccan trade unions following the earthquake

Dear colleagues, It is with deep sadness that we have learned the terrible news of the earthquake in Morocco which - according to the information available to us at present - has caused the death of more than a thousand people, with a further thousand injured. The European Trade Union Confederation, with its 45 million members from 93 organisations in 41 countries, wishes to express its deepest solidarity with you, your members, their families and, beyond that, with all workers and people in Morocco. We will be organising a solidarity visit as soon as possible.
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