19.06.2019 Publication

ETUC Manifesto 2019-2023

ETUC Manifesto
We are living through a crucial and challenging moment for Europe and the European trade union movement. The effects of unregulated globalisation, economic crisis and austerity; the changes in the economy and labour market due to climate change, digitalisation and automation; the attacks on workers’ and trade union rights and on the European social model; the growth of inequalities within and between countries; the issue of migration and mobility flows, often leading to
11.04.2019 Publication

More democracy at work

dem at work
Freedom, democracy and social justice are core values of the European Union. Democracy is important; not only on the political but also on the economic level. More Democracy at Work is part of a broader approach for a more Social Europe which is urgently needed. Workers represent an integral part of companies and the public sector, offering their time, energy and skills on a daily basis. Their voice and influence are however limited and are in fact shrinking
09.04.2019 Publication

New trade union strategies for new forms of employment

New forms of employment
Circular to all ETUC member organizations.  Brussels, 8th April 2019 Dear colleagues, The ETUC is pleased to send you its new report, ‘New trade union strategies for new forms of employment’, which you will find enclosed. The survey was commissioned by the ETUC and carried out by Professors Countouris and De Stefano to explore options for new legal conceptual frameworks implied by the rise of ‘new forms of employment’, and in particular from the growth of forms of work that fall outside traditional labour and social security protections.
25.02.2019 Publication

ETUC Programme for the EU Elections 2019

ETUC Programme
The European elections – 23-26 May 2019 – will be decisive for working people. The new European Parliament can either make the EU a better place, or undermine the European cooperation built up over many years. The European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) – with some 45 million working people in 90 trade unions in 38 countries – believes that a fairer Europe for workers is possible, based on democracy and social justice, quality jobs and higher wages, a socially fair and just transitions to a low-carbon and digital economy.
06.02.2019 Publication

European Social Dialogue - Work Programme 2019-2021

Cover Working Programme 2019-2021
The sixth autonomous work programme of the European social partners supports the objectives of the 2016 quadri-partite statement on “A New Start for Social Dialogue1” to strengthen social dialogue at European and national levels; to foster the role and influence of national social partners in the European semester; and to step up capacity building support to national social partners, notably through the European Social Fund. The 2019-2021 Work-Programme addresses the six following priorities: