30.11.2018 Publication

Building on experience-A win-win approach to transnational industrial relations in multinational companies

Building on experience-A win-win approach to transnational industrial relations in multinational companies
In recent years, Transnational Company Agreements (TCA) have become an increasing practice in multinational companies (MNCs). This is the result of the internationalisation of industrial relations in which European and International trade unions on the one hand, and some MNCs, on the other hand, have found a common ground for action. Over the last decade, TCAs drew the attention of EU Institutions and ILO too.
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Standards are present everywhere in our daily life. Initially associated with product safety and interoperability, their reach has extended to affect a wide range of issues such as occupational health and safety, competences and training, service provision and privacy at work. Many of these areas are right at the centre of trade union work.
25.10.2018 Publication

Joint ITUC-Africa/ETUC/ITUC Statement on the EU Economic Partnership Agreements with Central Africa, Eastern and Southern Africa, the East African Community, the Southern African Development Community, and West Africa, and the EU-Africa trade relations

Trade unions from Africa and Europe have followed with grave concern the negotiation and conclusion of Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) between the EU and regional groupings in Africa. The ITUC-Africa and the ETUC have called for in-depth changes to the content and guiding principles of current EPAs[1] to ensure they promote economic growth and sustainable development, guarantee respect for workers’ rights and universal access to public services and contribute to the full achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
16.10.2018 Publication

Trade Unions protecting self-employed workers- Brochure

Trade Unions protecting Self- Employed Workers
22 million workers in the EU (10% of the total) are self-employed and have no employees. Across Europe, self-employed workers often have fewer rights than employees. For instance, in some countries they have no right to join a trade union and to benefit from union protection and support. This brochure gives an overview about: Why self-employed workers need better rights? What unions are doing? Which priorities for the future? Link to Report
11.10.2018 Publication

Trade Unions protecting self-employed workers

Organising and protecting atypical workers better – especially self-employed workers – is an ETUC commitment.This research shows that union membership for the self-employed is widely accepted among ETUC affiliated organisations. Contrary to those who claim that trade unions are rigid organisations rooted in the industrial fabric of the last (or even 19th) century, this is a(nother) sign that unions are adapting to the dynamics of the labour market and do seek to better defend the rights of workers.