Rewards for pharmacy workers in Italy

Italian pharmacy

The social partners in Italy have concluded a draft national agreement covering 60,000 staff in private pharmacies, which have been part of the Covid-19 vaccination campaign. The deal enhances professional recognition in the sector and offers a wage increase and improved paid leave.

The trade unions Filcams Cgil, Fisascat Cisl and Uiltucs signed the deal with employers’ organisation Federfarma, eight years after the expiry of the previous agreement. Across Italy the sector covers some 18,000 private chemists in a network of 20,000 pharmacies.

Over the last year, pharmacists have been called on to take extra responsibilities in combatting the pandemic, despite the lack of any specific contractual protection or salary recognition. The agreement, which runs until August 2024, provides for a new manager category, and newly hired staff will be entitled to increased holiday entitlement on an incremental scale.

Staff will have the right to a supplementary monthly health care benefit and a salary increase of €80 per month, starting from November 2021. The partners have also reached accord on responsibility for the National Vaccination Plan and screening activities for Covid-19. Pharmacists will earn at least €2 for each vaccination they carry out or alternatively, an annual fee of €200.

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