Slovenian Presidency: ETUC appeals for the single market to respect trade union rights

Brussels, 10/01/2008

John Monks will emphasise the importance of Europe’s single market respecting worker and trade union rights. The effect of the recent decisions of the European Court of Justice, particularly the Laval case has been to subordinate workers’ fundamental rights to bargain and to strike to the unimpeded free movement of labour.

John Monks will tell the Prime Minister that this situation is intolerable for Europe’s trade unions. Migrant workers are welcome but they should be treated equally to residents and not as second class, exploitable workers, used as agents of social dumping (ie forcing down real wages of residents).

Mr Monks is to ask the Prime Minister and the Slovenian Presidency to support a campaign to secure a proper balance between the single market and worker and trade union rights, and not allow the single market to swamp hard won gains by Europe’s trade unions.

He will also present a memorandum (attached) on the detailed measures being sought by the ETUC on European matters.

- Trade Union Memorandum