Northern Cyprus: massive rejection of Ankara's "reform package"

Brussels, 31/01/2011

The “reform package” aims, among other things, to restrict the practical application of right to organise and collective bargaining, and to privatise public institutions, even the ones that are in profit, while cutting the salaries of the workers and pensions. The austerity measures further complicate a situation of social dumping on the labour market fuelled by a policy of legitimisation of the employment of unregistered immigrant workers from Turkey in an attempt to change the demographic composition of the population.
European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) General Secretary John Monks said: “The authorities must stop trying to create facts on the ground at the expense of workers in Northern Cyprus. There is widespread opposition to the proposals among the population that the administration must recognise. The ETUC will continue to support its affiliate Turk-Sen in its fight to defend workers’ rights”.