More than 200 European Works Council members meet in Brussels to push for urgent revision of EU Directive

Brussels, 19/04/2007

European Works Councillors, together with ETUC and the European Industry Federations, will demand an effective system of information, consultation and participation rights and the definition of a legal framework for transnational collective bargaining, in order to foster a sustainable European integration process based on a strong social dimension.

Delegates will strongly reiterate, once again, their call for the revision of European Works Council Directive 95/45. “The revision of the EWC directive has been due for very long time now,” pointed out ETUC Confederal Secretary Walter Cerfeda. “It should at least include a better definition of information and consultation, a more precise framework for the timing and quality of the information transmitted, clear rules on the participation of both technical and trade union experts, and the right to training for members.”