International women's day: equality cannot be just an empty word

Brussels, 08/03/2012

Mrs Ségol will stress the fact that women in Europe have made progress, but will denounce the persistence of the unacceptable pay gap with men. She will confirm the European trade unions’ commitment to promoting gender equality and fighting inequalities. For the European trade union movement, equality cannot be just an empty word.

In most EU countries, the mantra is “austerity”. Money is taken from public sector. This means slashing wages and jobs. This is hitting women, who are in a majority in those jobs. Public services are essential to secure a coherent and fair society. Attacking public services, weakening them is the wrong way forward. It is certainly a step back for women and equality”, Bernadette Ségol will say.

- Speech of Bernadette Ségol, ETUC General Secretary: