EU-IMF rescue packages: Social dialogue and Collective Bargaining are under attack

Brussels, 11/01/2011

The ETUC has received reports from trade unions in Greece and Ireland about the role of EU Commission officials in implementing the EU/IMF rescue packages. According to these reports, it looks clear that the Commission officials are ignoring social dialogue and collective bargaining processes and directly intervening in the labour markets of these countries. Diktats are being issued which are designed to lower living standards.

This policy of detailed interference in labour markets tramples all over pious Commission statements about the autonomy of the social partners, the importance of social dialogue and the specific exclusion in the EU treaties of a European competence on pay” John Monks declared.

On the eve of the launch of the European semester process, the European trade union movement is worried about the proposals on economic governance, and any new treaty which contains them, and which could reduce member states to quasi colonial status.

- Letter sent to EU Commissioner Rehn: