ETUC for EU signing Convention on violence against women

Commenting on the EU signing today the Istanbul Convention on violence against women, ETUC Confederal Secretary Montserrat Mir said

Trade unions are strongly committed to ending violence against women in work, and to do all that is possible at work to tackle domestic violence against women. Only yesterday the European Trade Union Confederation published a report on how trade unions can help to prevent, manage and eliminate violence against women. Collective agreements between unions and employers can make a big contribution to dealing with violence against women.

By signing the Convention, the EU and its Member States are reaffirming their commitment to fighting violence against women, and recognizing violence against women as a violation of human rights. It will mean that the EU will be part of a larger process which requires putting in place proactive and preventive measures to ensure that women are safe from violence. The monitoring mechanisms, which are part of the Convention will be important tools to ensure the Convention’s proper implementation.”

The Istanbul Convention is a convention of the Council of Europe and is about improving the prevention of violence against women, the protection of victims, the prosecution of perpetrators and the working together of all authorities and other organisations in tackling violence against women.

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