ETUC on Commission’s ‘Strong Social Europe’ communication

Commenting on the European Commission’s Communication ‘A strong social Europe for just transitions’ ETUC Confederal Secretary Liina Carr said:

“We welcome the proposal of the European Commission to present next year an ‘Action Plan that turns the rights and principles enshrined in the Pillar into reality’, to ‘upgrade Europe’s social market economy … and ensure just transitions for all’ and to emphasise job creation.

“This document sets out the Commission’s plans for social policy in the coming year. There are some important initiatives missing, such as a clear commitment to improve health and safety at work.

“The proposals on platform workers are positive but needs to include all workers with non-standard contracts and self-employed workers as they all need clearer status,  better working conditions, social protection and collective bargaining. It is not enough to concentrate only on  strengthening their access to social protection.

“There is an interesting proposal for a new Chief Trade Enforcement Officer (CTEO) to enforce labour and environmental standards in trade agreements. The CTEO should consult regularly with trade unions and employers on violations of labour rights.

“ETUC will be pressing for a comprehensive and ambitious action plan to implement the European Pillar of Social Rights and deliver socially just transitions for all.”