Energy union: jobs policy missing

Today, the Commission released its “Energy summer package” which is supposed to lead the way in transforming Europe's energy system.

“ETUC supports the Energy union” said ETUC Deputy General Secretary Józef Niemiec. “We hope it will make the EU less dependent on energy imports, more energy efficient, more sustainable, and create more quality jobs.”

ETUC is critical of the lack of attention to employment impacts. “What is missing are policies for the job changes that will inevitably occur” said Józef Niemiec. “Europe needs a ‘Just Transition strategy’ to help workers make the energy transformation, and make winners out of industries and regions that risk losing out.”

“The additional support for low-carbon industrial innovation is certainly welcome” said Niemiec, “although it is unlikely to be enough investment to put the EU on track to meet its 2050 targets and build a low-carbon manufacturing industry and all the jobs that could create.”

“Fixing the ETS is absolutely crucial, including to enable the EU to be a leader in the international negotiations on climate change. Parliament and the Member States need to restore the credibility of the ETS which is the cornerstone of EU climate policy.”

The ETUC also welcomes the focus on energy consumers and hopes the package will make energy more affordable for all and reduce energy poverty.