• 18.06.2021 Press release

    MEPs support trade union protest for stronger Gender Pay Transparency Directive

    Influential MEPs have today committed to improving the Gender Pay Transparency Directive at a trade union protest for equal pay outside the European Parliament. Evelyn Regner, shadow rapporteur and Chair of the Women’s Rights and Gender Equality Committee, symbolically launched the ETUC “Equal pay needs trade unions” pledge, committing to secure the right of workers to bargain collectively for equal pay through trade unions. Rapporteur Kira Peter-Hansen and shadow rapporteur Marc Angel committed by video to support the pledge.
  • 18.06.2021 Press release

    National UPdates n°20 - Summer 2021

    Dear readers, In this issue of Workers’ Voice – National Updates we highlight how trade unions in different European countries are responding to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic by focusing on the future of work in areas such as remote and teleworking, the right to disconnect, or obtaining extra payment for the remarkable efforts of social and health carers and other workers over the last year. Elsewhere, unions are winning recognition and challenging union-busting, working for equal pay or a four-day week. 
  • 10.06.2021 Press release

    ECtHR ruling on right to strike

    The European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) today stated that the right to strike takes precedence over the ‘economic freedoms’ of the single market.   The ECtHR held that Article 11 of the European Convention on Human Rights which protects the right to strike had not been breached by Norway’s Supreme Court when it ruled unlawful industrial action by dock workers to protect their pay and working conditions.
  • 09.06.2021 Press release

    Half of EU countries exclude workers from minimum wage

    Minimum wages
    Workers in half of EU member states are being deprived of the statutory minimum wage based on their age, occupation or because they are workers with disability, ETUC research has found. Workers are most commonly excluded from statutory minimum wages and are paid below-minimum rates based on age discrimination, with 8 member states deducting up to 70% of the real rate for under-21s. ​ An 18-year-old working full time in the Netherlands would earn just 10.917 Euro in a year instead of the 21.835 Euro minimum (excluding vacation payments).
  • 04.06.2021 Press release

    Commission must stop imposing austerity on Spanish recovery

    Leaders of European and Spanish trade unions today told the European Commission to stop using negotiations over Spain’s national recovery plan to frustrate reforms of workers’ rights and pensions.   ETUC general secretary Luca Visentini and UGT general secretary Pepe Álvarez, who also spoke on behalf of the CCOO, held an online meeting with Commission vice-president Valdis Dombrovskis to discuss his recent comments regarding Spanish government plans for progressive labour and pension reforms as part of its national recovery plan.
  • 02.06.2021 Press release

    Commission needs clearer pro-investment message

    Responding to the economic guidance provided to member states by the European Commission today as part of its European Semester Spring Package, ETUC Confederal Secretary Liina Carr said: “Unprecedented levels of public investment supported by the EU are returning growth to Europe’s economy, in contrast to the decade-long fallout from the austerity measures taken following the last crisis.
  • 02.06.2021 Press release

    Attacks on journalists must stop says ETUC

    The European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) condemns the threats and insults by Bosnian Serb politician Milorad Dodik against journalist Tanja Topic. Currently a member of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Dodik called the journalist a German agent and ‘quisling’. It is the latest in his campaign of threats and insults against journalists who is he disagrees with.
  • 02.06.2021 Press release

    EU deal on country-by-country reporting won't stop worst corporate tax practices

    Tax justice
    Negotiations between EU institutions over long-awaited legislation on country-by-country tax reporting by multinational companies were concluded last night with a disappointing agreement. Legislation to prevent tax avoidance schemes and aggressive tax planning, of the kind to which banks are already subject to, are needed to meet important social and ecological needs at a time of rising inequality.
  • 25.05.2021 Speech

    Congress of FPU Federation of Trade Unions of Ukraine - Speech by Luca Visentini

    Dear Grigori, delegates, guests, It is an honour to address the Congress of Federation of Trade Unions of Ukraine. We have a long history of cooperation, within the PERC, but also directly with the ETUC and in the framework of the EU-Ukraine cooperation processes. Ukraine is an associated member of the EU through the Association agreement, it is an important EU trade and international partner, it nurtures EU aspirations, and these aspirations are welcome by the ETUC and PERC.
  • 18.05.2021 Press release

    Fair corporate tax crucial to Covid recovery

    EU corporate tax
    Commenting on the European Commission’s communication on corporate taxation, European Trade Union Confederation Confederal Secretary Liina Carr said: “The EU is losing between 35-70 billion Euro each year as a result of corporate tax avoidance, resulting in fewer well-paid jobs, lower social protection and run-down public services.
  • 17.05.2021 Press release

    Why trade unions have problem with Uber etc & How trade unions propose to fix the problem

    Over the last decade, platform companies like Uber and Deliveroo have exploited loopholes in the law to make big profits through falsely self-employing their workers, allowing them to avoid obligations to proper pay and working conditions. This means workers often don’t earn the minimum wage, don’t have any paid holidays, don’t have the right to paid sick leave or any social security contributions. It’s not only unfair to workers, but to the vast majority of businesses who play by the rules and to all citizens because these practices rob public services of funding.
  • 12.05.2021 Press release

    EU growth vindicates investment-led recovery

    economic forecast
    Commenting on the European Commission’s spring economic forecast, European Trade Union Confederation Confederal Secretary Liina Carr said: “Today’s forecast is a vindication of Europe’s progressive response to the economic and social consequences of the pandemic.
  • 08.05.2021 Press release

    Porto: EU leaders commit to fair wages and tackling poverty - and to look beyond GDP

    Commenting on the overall conclusions of the informal meeting of the Heads of State /Government, in which they   Commit to reduce inequalities, defend fair wages and fight poverty and discrimination Commit to achieve new EU targets to increase employment and training and reduce poverty Recognise that the European Pillar of Social Rights is a fundamental element of recovery Luca Visentini, ETUC General Secretary, said
  • 07.05.2021 Press release

    Porto declaration must be turning point for Europe

    porto declaration
    Commenting on the declaration of the EU’s Porto Social Summit, European Trade Union Confederation General Secretary Luca Visentini said: “Today’s declaration represents a symbolic turning point for Europe, beginning to put it back on the social path enshrined in the founding treaties that is needed to build back fairer from the pandemic.
  • 07.05.2021 Press release

    Mazzucato and Piketty support stronger EU wage law

    Two of Europe’s leading economists are supporting calls for a strong EU directive on adequate minimum wages as a crucial part of the recovery from the Covid crisis. In a significant intervention which coincides with the EU social summit in Porto, an open letter signed by professors Mariana Mazzucato and Thomas Piketty says the directive represents a “paradigm shift” in European Commission policy compared to its response to the financial crisis.
  • 06.05.2021 Press release

    Less talk and more action needed on Social Pillar

    Trade Union Summit
    ETUC General Secretary Luca Visentini has challenged European leaders to turn their warm words over social rights into action ahead of the EU’s Social Summit in Porto tomorrow.  Speaking at an ETUC event in Porto on the eve of the summit, which was attended by Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Costa and European Commissioner for Social Rights Nicolas Schmit, Mr Visentini said member states had not taken enough action to implement the European Pillar of Social Rights since it was launched in 2017.
  • 04.05.2021 Press release

    ETUC calls for profits of forced & child labour to be counted as subsidies

    Companies from countries that allow gross exploitation of workers and flout basic internationally recognised rights should not be allowed to compete in the EU single market says the ETUC. Tomorrow the European Commission will publish a draft regulation on distortive foreign subsidies. The ETUC says that using forced or child labour and not respecting basic rights like the right of workers to organise constitutes an unfair competitive advantage (as well as being morally repugnant) and should be considered a subsidy from a non-EU Government that does not prevent it.
  • 30.04.2021 Press release


    Video message by Luca Visentini, ETUC General Secretary "Solidarity is the of trade unions, the of fighting COVID19. Put Solidarity at the of recovery"  
  • 28.04.2021 Speech

    The fight against union busting belongs to and is the duty of everyone - Speech by Esther Lynch at UNI Europa Conference

    Presentation by Esther Lynch, Deputy General Secretary UNI Europa Conference "Forward through Collective Bargaining" - 28 April 2021   Thank you President. What a great Conference!  Your message has been loud and clear every worker deserves the choice to join a union and bargain for fair pay and conditions. The valuable reports prepared for this Conference show a full power recovery needs full power collective bargaining.  Thats why the fight against union busting belongs to and is the duty of everyone.
  • 28.04.2021 Press release

    Huge fall in labour inspections raises Covid risk

    The number of labour inspections has collapsed across Europe over the last decade, leaving workplaces less prepared for the Covid-19 pandemic. New ETUC research reveals that safety inspections have been cut by a fifth since 2010, falling from 2.2 million annual visits to 1.7 million. Inspections have become rarer in at least 17 countries, including in Germany where 232,000 fewer visits were made in 2018 compared to 2010 and Portugal where checks were cut in half over the same period.
  • 27.04.2021 Press release

    Commission should get Frontex under control, not give it more deportation powers

    Responding to the Commission’s proposal on an EU strategy on ‘sustainable voluntary return and reintegration’ of migrants, ETUC Confederal Secretary Ludovic Voet said: “It is totally irresponsible of the European Commission to give Frontex more powers over deportations at the very moment they are under investigation for involvement in illegal pushbacks of migrants.
  • 27.04.2021 Press release

    Commission ignores its own evidence against deregulatory policy

    one in, one out
    The European Commission is pressing ahead with a ‘one in, one out’ rule for EU regulations despite rejecting such an approach last year and publishing evidence that it is inappropriate for EU law.   The rule, which will oblige the Commission to “relieve people and businesses of an equivalent existing burden” every time new EU legislation is proposed, is part of a new ‘Better Regulation’ policy to be published today.
  • 22.04.2021 Press release

    Minimum Wage Directive improvements: the least working people deserve

    minimum wage
    Moves by European Parliament legislators Denis Radtke (EPP) and Agnes Jongerius (S&D) to improve the proposed Directive on Adequate Minimum Wages offer valuable changes for working people, especially the low paid, says the ETUC. But ETUC Deputy General Secretary warned against any watering down of the proposals: