• 18.11.2021 Press release

    EU competition reform needed to stop increasing inequality

    EU competition policy
    Responding to the review of competition policy launched today by the European Commission, ETUC Confederal Secretary Isabelle Schömann said:   “A reform of the EU’s competition policy is badly needed. The current rules and approach to competition enforcement are increasing inequality by helping to further concentrate economic power into the hands of a few major companies while undermining collective bargaining and workplace democracy.
  • 09.11.2021 Press release

    No equal pay without increases in minimum wages

    With women earning 14.1% less than men, ETUC is warning that equal pay cannot be achieved unless minimum wages are increased, and the value of work carried out by women is reassessed.   The warning comes for the EU’s Equal Pay Day on 10 November, just a day before the European Parliament’s Employment Committee votes on proposals to strengthen the proposed EU directive on Adequate Minimum Wages, and as the proposed EU directive on gender pay transparency is undergoing scrutiny by European Parliament committees.     
  • 08.11.2021 Press release

    Rent costs over 40% of minimum wage in 11 countries

    Minimum wage workers in 11 EU member states spend at least 40% of their income on rent, new research shows ahead of a European Parliament vote on the issue. People working full time are left with less than half of their wages to pay for food, heating and transport after rent in five countries. In a further six, rent accounts for between 41% and 48% of pay.
  • 29.10.2021 Press release

    Solidarity with Slovakian public sector workers

    The ETUC expresses its solidarity with public sector workers in Slovakia and their union KOZ SR campaigning for a fair pay rise. Hundreds of workers demonstrated outside the government’s headquarters on Wednesday as the second round of collective bargaining negotiations took place – not only to support their negotiators but protest against the dramatic reduction in living standards of other workers and citizens, particularly pensioners, amid increases in the price of food, electricity and housing due to inflation.
  • 29.10.2021 Press release

    Low pay causing exodus of care workers

    Care worker
    The ETUC is calling for investment and fair wages in the care sector after a new report revealed the sector has been hit by an exodus of workers since the pandemic. Between 2019 and 2021 over 400,000 care workers left the sector, according to European Public Service Union EPSU. On today’s Global Day of Action for Care, ETUC calls on the EU to: Insist on investment in care - through the ‘EU Care Strategy’ promised by President von der Leyen, and
  • 23.10.2021 Speech

    Luca Visentini speech to Conference on Future of Europe

    ETUC's Luca Visentini adresses Conference on Future of Europe
    Dear colleagues, My name is Luca Visentini and I speak here on behalf of trade unions from all over Europe. The citizens’ panel have discussed and pushed forward an impressive and very ambitious set of proposals and demands, which together with the inputs posted in the online platform will enable us to make the future of Europe better and more inclusive. I would like to mention just two of these ideas.
  • 22.10.2021 Press release

    EUCO: Wages missing from energy price debate

    Heating bills
    Commenting on the conclusions of the European Council, ETUC General Secretary Luca Visentini said: “One of the key reasons families have been hit so hard by energy price rises is low wages, but that seems to be totally missing from the European Council debate. Even before this crisis, 9.5 million working people across Europe had difficulties paying their heating bills.
  • 20.10.2021 Speech

    VTC Tripartite Social Summit for Growth and Employment - Opening speech of Luca Visentini, ETUC General Secretary and speeches from trade union leaders attending the Summit

      VTC Tripartite Social Summit for Growth and Employment - Transforming Europe's recovery into long-term sustainable growth supporting more and better jobs   Opening speech of Luca Visentini, ETUC General Secretary (20 October 2021)  [To be checked against delivery] Presidents von der Leyen, Michel, Janša, Vice President, Commissioner, Ministers, Colleagues from the Social Partners,
  • 19.10.2021 Press release

    ETUC on Commission Work Programme 2022

      EUROPEAN COMMISSION WORK PROGRAMME 2022 Potentially positive initiatives include   Missing include Seriously bad gimmick includes Protection of Workers from risks of exposure to asbestos at work European Green Deal (on zero pollution, right to repair and plastics) Media Freedom Act Care Strategy Recommendation on Minimum Income  
  • 19.10.2021 Press release

    EU economic review: no return to austerity rules

    A worker holds a placard protesting against austerity
    Responding to the relaunch of the review of EU economic governance, ETUC Confederal Secretary Liina Carr said: “The EU’s fiscal rules failed in the past, have been abandoned in the present and are unfit for the future. This review is an important step towards a Europe that puts the people and planet before arbitrary and self-defeating debt targets. 
  • 16.10.2021 Speech

    Discorso di Luca Visentini alla manifestazione #Maipiufascismi

    Cover Manif
    Roma, 16 ottobre 2021 È un grandissimo onore per me, un italiano alla guida del sindacato europeo, esprimere a questa piazza straordinaria il sostegno di tutte le lavoratrici e i lavoratori d’Europa. Oggi e durante questi ultimi giorni, tante manifestazioni di solidarietà si stanno svolgendo e si sono svolte in molte capitali europee. Il movimento sindacale d’Europa è unito contro il vile attacco fascista che ha colpito la CGIL e tutto il sindacato italiano.
  • 10.10.2021 Press release

    Attacks to CGIL headquarters in Rome - Message sent by ETUC General Secretary Luca Visentini to CGIL General Secretary Maurizio Landini

    Dear Maurizio, I would like to express to you the most sincere solidarity and full support of the European Trade Union Confederation for the shameful attack by right-wing extremists and No-Vax on the headquarters of the national CGIL yesterday. As you rightly reminded us, trade unions, in Italy, in Europe and in the world, have always been the defenders of democracy, and it is no coincidence that the fascist and violent instrumentalisation of the anti-vaccine protests is directed against the trade union movement and CGIL in particular.
  • 06.10.2021 Press release

    ETUC calls on EU Finance Ministers to overturn 2017 decision on tax havens

    ETUC calls for Tax Justice
    The ETUC is calling on EU Finance Ministers to overturn their decision in 2017 not to define as tax havens, and not to impose sanctions on, countries that fail to disclose who owns companies registered in their country. “EU Finance Ministers should do far more to reveal who is hiding money in tax havens” said Liina Carr, ETUC Confederal Secretary “instead of taking countries off the list of tax havens.”
  • 01.10.2021 Press release

    Joint statement on sustainable corporate governance

    Leading officials of the European trade union federations EFFAT, EPSU, IndustriAll Europe and UNI Europa as well as the ETUC met with the cabinet of European Commissioner Thierry Breton (Internal Market) on Thursday September 30th. The purpose was to present the trade unions' concerns regarding the announced initiatives on Sustainable Corporate Governance and mandatory Human Rights Due Diligence.     
  • 29.09.2021 Press release

    EU takes much-needed action on undocumented workers’ rights

    Migrant workers
    The European Commission today presented its Communication on the application of the Employers’ Sanctions Directive together with renewed Action Plan on smuggling and report on developments on the Pact on Migration and Asylum. The European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) and the Platform for International Cooperation on Undocumented Migrants (PICUM) welcome the publication of the evaluation of the Employers’ Sanctions Directive, which was long overdue, but remain extremely critical of the overall approach to addressing irregular migration.
  • 28.09.2021 Press release

    National UPdates n°21 - September 2021

    Dear readers, The shock-waves from the Covid-19 pandemic continue to be felt by workers across Europe. In this autumn edition, our National Updates illustrate how workplace organisation is changing and adapting, and trade unions and their members are learning the lessons from the lockdown in order to improve health and safety and make conditions more work-life friendly through shorter or more flexible working time, teleworking and hybrid systems.
  • 27.09.2021 Press release

    EU must follow Germany on minimum wages

    Victory in the German elections for a party pledging a 12 Euro minimum wage is a major boost to the campaign to end poverty pay across Europe by improving the EU’s directive on minimum wages. Germany is currently among the two thirds of EU member states where the minimum wage is set below the EU’s at risk of poverty threshold (60% of the national median wage) as well as below 50% of the average wage. At 9.60 Euro an hour, it is just 48% of the median wage and 43% of the average wage in Germany.
  • 22.09.2021 Press release

    Low wages leave 3 million workers without heating

    Heating bills
    Low wages mean almost three million people can’t afford to heat their homes despite being in work, an analysis of EU data for the ETUC has found as energy prices rocket across Europe.   On the first day of autumn and with winter looming, 15% of Europe’s working poor won’t be able to turn on the heating – equivalent to 2,713,578 people across Europe.
  • 16.09.2021 Press release

    ETUC response to recommendation on the safety of journalists

    medai safety
    Commenting on the European Commission recommendation on the safety of journalists, ETUC’s Liina Carr commented: “The ETUC supports any action to ensure the safety of journalists. It is clear that no journalist, and indeed no worker, should die or be harmed for doing their job.   “The European Commission rightly highlights the importance of the safety of journalists for democracy and media freedom, as well for the health and safety of workers who are under increasing threat in Europe.