• 17.03.2022 Document

    ETUC Resolution on Ukraine

    Resolution on Ukraine Approved by the Executive Committee meeting 16-17 March 2022 The ETUC reiterates its condemnation of the invasion of a sovereign nation, in breach of international law and calls on Russia to respect Ukrainian territorial integrity, demands the immediate cessation of military operations, insists that Russian troops leave the country, and calls for dialogue and talks for peace be started. The ETUC expresses its solidarity with all people, workers, and trade unions of Ukraine. 
  • 25.02.2022 Document

    Statement of the EU cross-industry social partners on the Russian invasion of Ukraine

    ETUC, Business Europe, sme united, SGI Europe
    In light of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and in support of the conclusions of the special meeting of the European Council of 24 February 2022, we, the European cross-industry social partners, state that: • We strongly deplore and condemn the unprovoked attack on the territorial integrity of Ukraine currently underway. This attack is an obvious violation of international law and represents a clear threat to European peace and security.
  • 07.02.2022 Document

    ETUC letter to EU leaders on the 30th anniversary of the Maastricht Treaty

    Dear Presidents, Today is the 30th anniversary of the signing of the Maastricht Treaty. The ETUC joins many others in saluting the creation of the European Union with its social policy commitments alongside ambitious economic goals. It remains a milestone in the history of Europe and European integration. For all its faults, the European Union is a model of regional cooperation without parallel in the world. But while we should celebrate the Union, we should not overlook its failings. The house that is the EU is much needed - all the more reason to keep it in good repair.
  • 17.12.2021 Document

    Letter to Commission on TRIPS waiver for COVID vaccines

    Dear Executive Vice-President Dombrovskis, Dear Valdis, It has been nearly two years since the outbreak of the global Covid-19 pandemic. Workers have stepped up, putting themselves at risk to safeguard people’s lives, livelihoods, and the global economy, and driven outstanding advances in science and medicine with the rapid development of Covid-19 tests, treatments, drugs, medical devices, personal protective equipment and, most importantly, vaccines.
  • 14.12.2021 Document

    ETUC Guidelines to provide inputs in the Public debate for the EU Economic Governance Review (adopted)

    ETUC Guidelines to provide inputs in the Public debate for the EU Economic Governance Review Adopted at the virtual Executive Committee Meeting of 8-9 December 2021 The European Commission has relaunched the consultation on “economic governance”: the rules that govern economic policymaking across EU countries. Our aim is to move away from austerity and create conditions that bring about the permanent mobilisation of resources for investments and the financing of the European social policies.