• 28.01.2019 Document

    Support collective bargaining in Latvia

    The ETUC Executive Committee supports sectorial collective bargaining and autonomy of sectorial social partners in Latvia! Latvia is one of the countries where coverage of collective bargaining of less than 35% and regarding which the ETUC in spring 2018 has issued an unprecedented ‘emergency alert’ highlighting the threat to achieve decent wages and working conditions for Latvian workers.
  • 19.12.2018 Document

    8th meeting of the EU-Egypt Association Council on 20 December 2018

    Letter to Federica Mogherini, High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy / Vice-President of the Commission Marianne Thyssen, Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs, Skills and Labour Mobility Johannes Hahn, European Neighbourhood Policy & Enlargement Negotiations Dear Vice-President, Dear Commissioners, The next EU-Egypt Association Council meeting, scheduled for 20 December, will primarily focus on implementing the 2017-2020 Partnership Priorities adopted on 16 June 2017.
  • 10.12.2018 Document

    ETUC statement on EU Japan FTA

    As the EU Japan FTA comes before the European Parliament the ETUC calls on MEPs to raise the threats it poses to workers’ rights, public services and social welfare.  We are concerned that the deal contains no enforceable provisions on workers’ rights. The sustainable development chapter of the agreement contains no independent enforcement court or sanctions when violations of labour rights occur which is essential to ensure commitments to labour standards are upheld as the ETUC has outlined in our progressive trade agenda.
  • 25.11.2018 Document

    Democracy under attack - A call for action

    Cover signatories
    Our democracies are under attack. The rise of hate, divisive, and socially and environmentally destructive political forces– including in many EU countries – are putting our democracies at risk.
  • 10.09.2018 Document

    ETUC – CLC joint statement on the Sustainable Development Chapter in CETA - 10 September 2018

    ETUC – CLC joint statement on the Sustainable Development Chapter in CETA Trade unions in the EU and Canada are united in our call for progressive trade deals that promote decent jobs, protect and enhance labour rights, protect public services and lead to fair distribution of wealth. We worked together throughout the negotiations on CETA to call for the deal to respect these objectives.
  • 10.07.2018 Document

    Joint statement of European and Ukrainian trade unions on trade union rights in Ukraine

    EU - Ukraine
    Considering that the 20th EU-Ukraine Summit is held in Brussels on the 9th of July 2018, and that the meeting of the Council of the EU-Ukraine Association is planned in December, the European and Ukrainian trade unions believe that urgent measures should be taken, with the support of the European Commission, to improve the social and economic situation in the country, and to increase the effectiveness of social dialogue and adherence to the fundamental ILO Conventions.
  • 09.07.2018 Document

    ETUC - JTUC-RENGO Joint Statement on EU-Japan EPA negotiations

    Meeting with Rengo
    The negotiations of the EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) were finalised in December last year. The signature of the EPA is foreseen on 11 July 2018. Separate negotiations on investment protection continue in parallel. The European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) and the Japanese Trade Union Confederation (JTUC-RENGO) recognize the importance of creating frameworks for economic cooperation between EU and Japan, which are major mutual trading partners, in guiding both economies onto a stable and sustainable growth trajectory, and establishing sustainable employment.
  • 20.06.2018 Document

    Statement – International Day of Refugees

    On the occasion of International Refugees Day, the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) expresses its solidarity with the millions of refugees who have fled their countries because of war, undemocratic regimes, extreme poverty and critical economic and environmental conditions and to find shelter in another country. ETUC calls on EU Member states to take their responsibility and agree at the European Council on  28-29 June to create a credible and fair asylum policy that meets its humanitarian and international obligations.
  • 15.06.2018 Document

    AFL-CIO – ETUC Joint Statement

    The working people of the United States and Europe have been harmed by unfair trade practices, including China’s deliberate overproduction of steel and aluminum, intellectual property theft, forced transfer of production, and violation of basic labor rights.
  • 24.05.2018 Document

    Privacy and ETUC compliance with GDPR

    At the ETUC, we respect everyone’s right to privacy, and want to keep your personal data private. This page sets out what you can expect from the ETUC in how we collect and process any data about you. We do not share your data Any personal data you provide to us is controlled by the ETUC, we do not share your data with any third parties, except to comply with certain legal obligations.
  • 22.05.2018 Document

    ETUC letter on the proposal for a directive on the company law package to Commissioner Thyssen

    In an open letter on the recently presented proposal for a directive on the company law package, to Commissioner Marianne Thyssen, the ETUC is asking for the safeguarding of workers' rights on information, consultation and participation. "The Commission has to deliver for companies and workers alike," says Peter Scherrer, ETUC Deputy General Secretary. Re: Company law package Dear Commissioner Thyssen,
  • 24.04.2018 Document

    International Workers Memorial Day 2018 - ETUC Statement

    28th April is the annual day of remembrance and action for workers killed, disabled and injured by their work. It serves as a timely reminder to workers across the world that they are not alone, that others have suffered at work and have been engaged in a long struggle to improve conditions in the workplace. It is also a time to reflect on how far we still have to go and the steps we must take to protect the lives of future generations of workers.  
  • 16.11.2017 Document

    Social Summit in Gothenburg - Statement of European Social Partners

    Europe is one of the best places to live, work and do business in the world because our social market economies combine free markets, private initiative, economic freedoms, free movement of people and welfare states designed to deliver social rights and public services. Nevertheless, Europe is still faced with many economic, social and political challenges: insufficient competitiveness and employment creation, inequalities, migration, security issues, and the need to redefine EU-UK relations. These challenges require ambitious European solutions.
  • 30.05.2017 Document

    European Social Partners' Statement on tapping the potential from greening the economy for jobs creation

    European Social Partners Statement on tapping the potential from greening the economy for jobs creation   We, the European Social Partners ACKNOWLEDGE that we are at a critical juncture for the European Union concerning growth and quality job creation, as the economic recovery continues, with differences across Europe, yet we continue to face significant economic, environmental and social challenges;
  • 08.05.2017 Document

    Joint Statement of ITUC-ETUC and their Turkish Affiliates TURK-IS, HAK-IS, DISK and KESK on the new developments in the situation of trade union members in Turkey

      Jointly adopted by ITUC-ETUC and their four Turkish Affiliates following the 2nd Mission to Turkey on 3-5 May 20017.  The aim was, as the International and European trade union movement, to discuss with the four affiliated organisations [Türk-iş, Hak-iş, Disk and Kesk] the new developments in the situation of trade union members in Turkey, after a first visit in mid-October 2016.
  • 21.04.2017 Document

    ETUC statement on the outcome of the Turkish referendum

    The Steering Committee of the ETUC, in its meeting on 20 April in Brussels, discussed the results of the Turkish referendum held on 16 April on the reforms to the Constitution adopted by the National Assembly on 21 January.
  • 20.03.2017 Document

    ETUC Statement on the notification of the UK to withdraw from the European Union

      STATEMENT OF THE ETUC ON THE NOTIFICATION OF THE UK TO WITHDRAW FROM THE EUROPEAN UNION Statement adopted by the Executive Committee, Malta 15 -16 March 2017 Meeting in Malta during the Maltese Presidency of the European Union the European Trade Union Confederation reaffirmed its commitment that workers and citizens – in UK and the rest of the EU - must not pay the price for Brexit. Our key common priority is the defence of workers’ rights, jobs and living standards.