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Child poverty
28.09.2023 Press release

Child poverty rises for third year running

Trade unions are calling for an urgent rethink of plans to reintroduce austerity as new EU figures show the number of children living in poverty has risen for the third consecutive year.
27.09.2023 Press release

EU leaders should join Biden on picket lines

Trade unions are calling on European leaders to follow in the footsteps of US President Joe Biden and stand with working people fighting for a fair deal.

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02.10.2023 Document

ETUC position on the response to the Social Partner Consultation on CMRD6

ETUC position on the  response to the Social Partner Consultation on CMRD6 Adopted at the Executive Committee of 27-28 September 2023 Introduction The European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) welcomes the European Commission’s intention to revise the Directive on the protection of workers from risks related to exposure to carcinogenic, mutagenic or reprotoxic substances at work (CMRD or Directive 2004/37/EC).
28.09.2023 Document

Yolanda Diaz address to ETUC Executive Committee

Yolanda Diaz
Yolanda Diaz, Second Vice-President of the Government of Spain and Minister of Labour and the Social Economy, addressed the ETUC Executive Committee on 28 September in Madrid.  Please find the text of the address (in Spanish) in the link.
22.09.2023 Document

ETUC support to Northern Ireland strikes

Solidarity letter sent by the ETUC to trade unions in Northern Ireland   I am writing to express the ETUC’s solidarity with the workers taking a courageous stand in Northern Ireland. The wave of coordinated collective action by ICTU unions, initiated on 21 September 2023 and culminating in a strike rally in front of Belfast City Hall on 22 September, underscores the collective determination of working people to secure fair wages, improved working conditions, and a brighter future for themselves and their communities.
20.09.2023 Document

Commission’s Lampedusa plan: ETUC calls on Commission to change approach

barbed wire cover
Following the visit of European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen to the island of Lampedusa on 17 September, the ETUC reiterates the urgent need for a fair and humane European asylum and migration policy, in line with international and EU legal obligations and in full respect of fundamental rights.
19.09.2023 Document

BEFIT: Commission gives green light to tax avoidance until 2031

The European Commission recently published its long-awaited BEFIT (Business in Europe: Framework for Income Taxation) proposal for the taxation of large multinational companies. It follows a long-term effort to introduce group taxation with a formula for allocating taxable profits where value is created (in terms of payroll, number of employees, assets). This was the intended objective of the CCTB and CCCTB proposals, which have now been withdrawn from the European agenda.
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