Workplace action for environmental protection: ETUC Green Workplaces conference 2012

Brussels, 09/10/2012

It is clear from the ETUC’s Green Workplaces that unions are ‘first movers in environmental protection’, building momentum at the local level for shifts in corporate behavior. As much for industrial reasons as environmentally responsible ones, workers are engaged in a variety of activities to address energy and resource efficiency and consumption.
Twice as much is spent on resources and energy than labour costs in average European workplaces”, stated Bernadette Ségol ETUC General Secretary in opening the event, “and yet so much attention is on labour market flexibility and reduced labour costs. We need to show through practical examples – like those you are developing in your workplaces that there is a triple win in an alternative to austerity: for the economy, for the environment and most importantly for me, in maintaining and promoting the quality of work and worker participation”.

Employment and Social Affairs Commissioner László Andor will be amongst those addressing the conference.

The ETUC has developed a handbook ( ) for practical action in the workplace to increase worker awareness on the environmental performance of their workplaces.

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