Toolkit available: Company due diligence & non-financial information

A toolkit for workers, their representatives and trade unionists

This toolkit for workers, their representatives and trade unionists is a learning tool and reference for the analysis of corporate public reporting.  It facilitates the process of knowing which documents published by the company are relevant to consult but also teach how to read them.

The toolkit was written by Syndex and its German partner WMP Consult, consulting firms specialized in the support and advice of workers’ representatives and their trade unions. It draws upon case studies analysed by Syndex and webinars conducted by Syndex and the European Trade Union Federations with trade union representatives in a selection of multinational companies from different sectors (EDF, McDonald’s, G4S, Repsol, Scania, Volkswagen, Unilever, Danone, Nestlé, Carrefour…). In complement to this guide is a video documentary called “if companies are accountable”, co-produced by Syndex and Centre Vidéo de Bruxelles, with the participation of trade union leaders and officers active in promoting due diligence in Europe and beyond.

The document also contains company cases like Nestlé, Inditex, Scania and Unilever and many others to better understand why trade unionists should pay attention to public company reporting.

The toolkit is available in English, French, German and Spanish (see below).

If companies are accountable