Brussels demonstration: Together Against Austerity

We need your help. A decision is about to be made that will affect us all...

Finance ministers from all EU countries have been meeting in Brussels, as have Members of the European Parliament.
Some of them are pushing to return Europe to strict austerity rules.
This would force national governments to make drastic spending cuts.

Workers and their unions from across Europe will come together
in Brussels on 12th December.
We reject austerity 2.0.

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Why is it important?

All of us need access to quality care, education and a safety net of decency to hold us up in times of need. Negotiations are taking place in Brussels that could undermine those very things that allow our societies to flourish. We cannot let the attempt to return Europe to strict austerity rules succeed.

Working communities are in need of public investments in education, healthcare, in salaries that keep up and in a sustainable future. Now, as the continent faces a cost-of-living crisis driven by record profits, working people should not be the ones to pay the price.

The European Union’s solidarity-based response to the Covid-19 pandemic, showed what was possible. Freeing up funding to keep people's jobs and incomes secure was crucial. We need more of the same, not a return to the failed recipes of the past.

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