#Rebalance Trade unions’ strategies and good practices to promote work-life balance

Rebalance Cover

The study set out to map best practices on work-life balance (WLB) agreements negotiated by social partners in 10 Member States: Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden. The focus of the research was specifically on measures of work-life balance that enable parents and other people with caring responsibilities to reconcile work, family and private life, through the introduction of family and parental leave schemes, care arrangements, and the development of a working environment which facilitates the combination of work, family and private life for women and men.

While a European legislative framework and national legislation provide basic rights for parents to reconcile professional and private life, collective agreements have and will be important in providing much-needed additional rights tailored to specific constituencies. Moreover, collective agreements are important in ensuring the proper implementation of existing rights.

By highlighting good practices in 10 Member States, this study allows for an exchange of best practices across countries, sectors and companies.