Single Market Act: "The battle goes on" says ETUC

Brussels, 28/10/2010

There were plans, based on a recent report by ex Commissioner Mario Monti, for a regulation covering the whole of the single market specifying that fundamental rights, including the right to strike, must be respected.

After a hard battle, there is no reference to a Monti type regulation, although there are references to ‘work in progress’ on the Charter of Fundamental Rights and the Posted Workers Directive.

European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) President Wanja Lundby-Wedin said today at the Tripartite Social Summit: “We are very disappointed that after encouraging signs the Commission made some last minute changes. The commitment related to the right to strike was weakened. Even if all references to the proposals from Mario Monti were deleted, we still hope that the Commission after the 4 month’s consultation goes forward and delivers. If this is not done, the future development of the internal market will be put at question.”

The battle continues.