Roma expulsions contradict EU Charter of Fundamental Rights

Brussels, 16/09/2010

The ETUC agrees with the resolution adopted by the European Parliament on 9 September calling for the immediate cessation of the expulsions of Roma, which states that "mass expulsions are prohibited by the Charter of Fundamental Rights and the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms and that such measures are in violation of the Treaties and law of the European Union, since they amount to discrimination on the basis of race and ethnicity".

Targeting an ethnic group in operations for the dismantling of illegal camps is an infringement of the Charter of Fundamental Rights, which establishes among such rights human dignity (Article 1), equality before the law (Article 20) and non-discrimination (Article 21). Likewise, Article 2 of the Treaty of Lisbon recognises that human dignity is one of the values on which the European Union is founded and that it includes the rights of persons belonging to minorities.
The ETUC notes that there must be a European response to the Roma issue. It is the responsibility of Member States and the EU to promote the integration of all minorities.