Industrial Policy: ETUC calls for EU action on restructuring and innovation policies

Brussels, 06/08/2012

“A key element of any industrial policy is having a skilled and well trained workforce to produce quality goods and services. However, EU labour market and employment strategy is focused on labour market reforms leading to greater flexibility and increased precariousness, which directly undermines the focus on up/re-skilling the workforce”, states the ETUC response.

The ETUC has addressed where industries should be heading in-line with energy and resource efficiency, as well as how this industrial policy agenda should be financed.

“Sustainable and progressive macroeconomic policies are the bedrock for public services and private companies operating in Europe alike. The ETUC reiterates our long-standing message that austerity does not and will not work: the policy is self-defeating and has failed. The view that rapid fiscal consolidation could restore confidence and push savings rates down has proven to be a myth again… Instead of member states competing on jobs, Europe needs to invest itself out of the crisis: structural investments rather than structural reforms”, reiterates the ETUC.

“Workers in Europe want to see a real industrial policy emerging, we need to move beyond the rhetoric that the real economy must be supported to concrete action to push innovation, ensure access to finance and credit, and develop a social dimension capable of tackling skills gaps and promoting quality jobs”, said Judith Kirton-Darling ETUC Confederal Secretary.