Funds for youth employment don't match the good intentions

Commenting on European Commissioner Marianne Thyssen’s proposals – announced today -  for tackling youth unemployment, the European Trade Union Confederation warned that the funds did not match the good intentions.

“Commissioner Thyssen is right to commit to continue the Youth Guarantee and put in some extra cash," said Thiébaut Weber, ETUC Confederal Secretary, "but the money on the table is nothing like enough to tackle the problem. The Youth Guarantee so far has not done enough to help young people not in employment, training or education, and in particular those who are not even registered with the national public employment services. It needs to be a permanent principle, not a one-shot effort.

“The Commissioner talks up the slight decrease in youth unemployment, but the harsh reality is that long-term youth unemployment is on the rise. Emigration, traineeships leading nowhere and temporary contracts create youth unemployment figures that mask the true scale of the problem. Europe’s painfully slow recovery has not got enough young people on board.

“Europe needs much more investment, including more public investment, to drive growth, create jobs and tackle unemployment including among young people. The Youth Guarantee is a social investment that needs more funds and higher quality offers for young people. Good intentions must be matched by more financial effort!"

The ETUC will publish next week its own assessment of the Youth Employment Initiative and a more detailed analysis of the Commission’s proposals.