ETUC welcomes Commission moves towards Social Europe

Brussels, 13/04/2011

In the past, such problems have existed and former Commissioner Mario Monti introduced a Monti-I-regulation in the internal market for goods to ensure that fundamental social rights are fully respected. Legislation of this kind is still missing for certain other aspects of the internal market, and Mario Monti in his recent report proposed to fill the gap. The Commission has now followed this advice and aims to come forward with a Monti-II-regulation to make all aspects of the single market respect fundamental rights. The Commission will propose legislation aimed at clarifying the exercise of freedom of establishment and the freedom to provide services alongside fundamental social rights, including the right to take collective action. This is a welcome step in the right direction. Less positively, the Commission does not propose a revision of the Posting of Workers Directive as asked for by the ETUC, but only legislation to improve its implementation.

John Monks, ETUC General Secretary, said: “What Europeans hear currently from Brussels, is all about austerity governance and economic misery. We are pleased to see that the Commission wants to put life in the Charter of Fundamental Rights and to make the single market respect social rights. The internal market should be like a three legged stool: economic, financial and social. If you cut off the social leg, the stool will topple. By adding the third leg, the internal market can move on to solid ground again and help to foster growth and employment in Europe.”