ETUC urges "YES" vote on Lisbon

Brussels, 10/07/2009

Mr Monks will say

(…) the ETUC supports ratification of the Lisbon Treaty and I hope the Irish people approve it. (….) it is a step forward compared to existing provisions, for example in relation to the legal enforcement of the Charter of Fundamental Rights, commitments to full employment, the social market economy, and public services.”

Europe is not an a la carte menu where you pick and choose what you want. It is a package that has done great things for Ireland and many others, and it will need to do more great things before we can exit from this crisis”.

Now, as a Briton, I wouldn’t presume to try telling the Irish what to do. I think only Saint Patrick and, perhaps, Jack Charlton got away with that”.

European solidarity is essential in the face of the crisis and in support of the hardest hit economies. The adoption of the Lisbon Treaty helps, not hampers that process of solidarity, one reason, incidentally, why the British Conservatives detest it so much. (…) to those of you who are minded to vote No, no doubt for good trade union reasons, before you vote, just have a look at some of those in the rest of Europe who are praying for the same result.

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