ETUC strongly supports MEPs' call for a European "New Deal" to foster investment and sustainable jobs

Brussels, 08/07/2011

The ETUC fully endorses its recommendations for a European "New Deal" to foster innovation, job creation and R&D investment, so as to give an urgently-needed boost to European competitiveness ensuring sustainable, green growth. Recommendations on tax policy and the promotion of euro-bonds reflect ETUC demands for a constructive exit from the crisis rather than the current proposals for aggressive austerity and pressure on working people across Europe.

At last European institutions and politicians are endorsing and demanding an alternative agenda, based on jobs and investment”, stated ETUC General Secretary Bernadette Ségol. “Together with MEPs, we will now hold the Commission and Council to account on these demands. This is crucial to create a European solution and avoid a renationalisation of policies which will only intensify the social damage, fuel xenophobia and provoke conflict”.

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