ETUC launches bold investment plan for a new Europe

Brussels, 07/11/2013

The plan, A New Path For Europe: ETUC plan for investment, Sustainable Growth and Quality Jobs, outlines how Europe can lift itself out of crisis by investing in sustainable growth and jobs through a bold recovery strategy based on investing an additional 2% of GDP per year over a 10-year period in a new industrial base and creating quality employment and educational opportunities.

The new stimulus plan will create up to 11 million new jobs in Europe and aid sustainable economic and social recovery over the next decade.

As Europe continues to face an economic crisis, ETUC is calling on real change ahead of next year’s European Parliament elections.

After five years of economic and social crisis, austerity policies have failed to bring recovery to Europe, which has seen its economies stagnate, its young people forced into unemployment and emigration and a divide opening-up between various member states.

ETUC is, therefore, presenting a recovery plan aimed at creating greater solidarity in Europe, based on the principles of democracy, stability and cohesion.

Speaking in Brussels, ETUC Secretary General, Bernadette Ségol said “When will EU leaders understand that austerity has no future? There can be no doubt that we need to take another route in Europe; one that our politicians have denied our citizens, and which the trade union movement can provide.”

- A new path for Europe: ETUC plan for investment, sustainable growth and quality jobs: