The ETUC deplores the new law of media control in Hungary

Brussels, 06/01/2011

Hungary is assuming the six-month rotating presidency of the European Union since January 1st 2011 and, on the same day, enacted a new media law that violates free expression, editorial independence and fundamental rights.
Moreover, the new council set up to investigate, judge and levy heavy fines on the media (both publishers and broadcasters) if they don’t provide “balanced coverage” raises the question of the independence of such a media regulator and creates a real danger for democracy.
This new media law clearly shows that Hungary wants to control the opinion and curb free public debate. This censorship law is unworthy of a democracy and of a country currently assuming the political leadership of the EU.
The ETUC warns Hungary that it is in breach of the Charter of Fundamental Rights and its Article 11 on media freedom and media pluralism.