ETUC criticises 'misleading' statement of the Czech Presidency

Brussels, 28/01/2009

Commenting on this press statement, John Monks, ETUC General Secretary, said: ‘I find the selective extracts of my contribution to the meeting this morning to be misleading. My key point on the economic crisis was that in addition to the need for a major boost in spending to stimulate economic activity, a coordinated European approach was necessary to avoid protectionist, or “beggar-thy-neighbour” actions by individual states. And on free movement of labour, which is supported by ETUC, this is being threatened by recent decisions of the European Court of Justice which undermine collective bargaining.

He added: ‘I have written to the Czech Prime Minister to emphasise these points and to correct the record.

Further information

The Trade union memorandum to the Czech Presidency of the European Union can be accessed and downloaded at the following address: It is also available in Czech (135Kb).