The ETUC adopted a resolution on "nuclear energy: safety, security and democratic control"

Brussels, 05/07/2011

Recognizing the scale of risks for the general public as well as the specific risks for nuclear industry workers, the ETUC demands that this industry be treated with the highest possible caution, transparency and democratic control and asks for several measures to be adopted. These relate inter alia to planned stress tests, audits and safety inspections, to safety standards, to subcontracting and agency work, to research, to the need for full transparency on the real costs, to the liabilities for the companies involved.

Fukushima has shown once again that this industry and its supply chain cannot be zero-risk”, stated Confederal Secretary Judith Kirton-Darling. “While some have chosen to move away from nuclear power, others continue to see it as part of their energy mix. Where it remains, we cannot accept anything but the highest safety and security standards for the workforce as well as the general public, and fundamentally transparent public control”.

- ETUC Resolution

Press release