Sindikat Mladi plus

Sindikat Mladi plus is a trade union of pupils, students, young unemployed people and young precarious workers. We protect their rights and interests by aiming to ensure decent work, improve working conditions for precarious workers, and spread awareness on the importance of trade-unionism and the labour movement among youth.


We provide our members with:

• help regarding problems during studies and (un)employment;
• counselling (legal aid and career counselling);
• courses and workshops on decent work, equal rights, workers’ rights, future of work etc. (also open for broader public).


List of our main activities includes:

•  advocacy and negotiations on policies and topics related to young peopple (internships, apprenticeships, scolarships, youth unemployment, non-standard forms of employment, platform work, green economy, gender, digitalisation ) 
•  empowering and educating our members about trade unionism, concept of decent work, workers’ and social (workshops, presentations in schools, at faculties, online courses) 
•  sharing information about work and employment, while warning of irregularities and breaches of the current system;
•  promoting active citizenship among youth (through trade unionism);
•  organising and attending different protests and manifestations: on social justice, against CETA, in support of refugees, against privatization, etc.