New rights and better pay in Italian non-profit health and social services sector

Italian union negotiators

The ETUC’s three Italian affiliates have secured a new collective agreement 2017-2019 for the 20,000 employees of the ANPAS non-profit national emergency and social assistance organisation, offering a basic pay increase of €85 (around 5.7% for emergency drivers) and a one-off payment of €300.

Other key provisions cover training, transport time, illness and injury, limitations on fixed-term contracts, recognition of civil partnerships and enhanced rights for women. The unions hope that this will lead to other agreements in the non-profit sector.

"We are very satisfied,” declared Federica Bonaldo of UIL FPL. “It was an excellent result. We managed to regulate issues such as working hours, sickness, accidents and protection for female victims of violence."

“The new contract introduces important innovations and safeguards,” agreed Maurizio Petriccioli, Secretary General of CISL FP, “including anticipation of remuneration in the event of accident and  recognition of 11 hours of rest except in exceptional cases.”

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