New participatory model of social relations in Italian company

An agreement of 3 working bodies

The agreement was signed between the company and the Filctem-Cgil, Flaie-Cisl and Uiltec trade unions. It aims to ‘define a model of participation and innovative dialogue that effectively supports the major challenges generated by energy transition, digitalisation and technology innovation processes, and the effects produced by the pandemic.’

The Strategy consultation committee meets prior to setting out the group’s industrial plan and allows the trade unions to get involved in the areas of their responsibility. The committee will also meet when particularly important information needs to be shared, such as for instance those concerning the group’s transformations, acquisitions and disposals, and reorganization projects, in order to analyse the context and the potential economic, production and employment related repercussions. 

Whereas the welfare body will deal with work-life balance policies and social protection amongst others, the inclusion body will for instance look closer into gender equality in the company. 

The agreement also structures various forms of dialogue and consultation between the group and the unions to regulate the exchange of information and opinions over company strategies affecting the workers.

More information on Planet Labor, 26 April 2022, No.13029