The Post-Growth 2018 Conference Wrap-up session

20 September 2018 09:15-13:00


Boulevard du Roi Albert II,5
1210 Brussels

The Post-Growth 2018 Conference and follow-up discussion in Brussels from 18-20 September will bring stakeholders together to explore and debate alternative policies and strategies. 

The Post-Growth 2018 Conference is part of a series of international events for building dialogue between actors seeking realistic policy alternatives to current economic thinking. It takes place in two parts. First, is a two-day event at the European Parliament on 18 and 19 September consisting of workshops on urgent topics such as Basic Income, the Future of Work and Trade and Climate.

This will be followed by a half-day wrap-up session on 20 September at ITUH hosted by the ETUC and ETUI which will focus on the shortcomings of the current system and the loopholes in the economic thinking of the European Union's institutions to advance an agenda for sustainable development that is just, fair and democratic.

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