March for A Fairer Europe for Workers

26 April 2019 10:30-14:30
Place du Luxembourg
1050 Bruxelles

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The European elections May 23-26 are the most important for decades.
We need a better and more social Europe, not less Europe, a Europe with democratic values.

The far-right, anti-Europeans and nationalists are on the rise in many countries. The European Parliament to be elected in May can either join a race to the bottom with tax and wage competition, and social dumping or it can make the EU a better place to live and work.

European trade unions march in Brussels on April 26 for a fairer Europe for workers, for a Europe that works for democracy and social justice, for quality jobs and higher wages and pensions, for just transitions to a lowcarbon and digital future.

We march to show that nationalism, far-right and anti-Europeans parties offer no solution to the problems facing us today.

  •  We march for social progress in Europe, better pay and better working and living conditions in Europe
  • We march for a better and more social Europe – not less Europe
  • Vote in May for a fairer Europe for workers!

No to austerity, no to social dumping, no to extreme-right – yes to democracy, yes social justice and just transitions, yes to quality jobs and higher wages!

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