The ETUC and the Conference on the Future of Europe


Recent developments and events, such as Brexit, the rule of law situation in some EU member states and the Covid-19 pandemic, have put the European project and democracy at risk. The EU is at a crossroads and must rise to the challenges that it is facing: making a relevant change of direction and committing to its founding principles, or facing an unprecedented political crisis.

The ETUC welcomes the intention to organise a Conference on the Future of Europe. The Conference must constitute the opportunity for a real, forward-looking discussion concerning the future of the European Union to ensure that the recovery from the Covid-19 crisis paves the way for a fairer, more inclusive and sustainable European economy and society, based on a Renewed Social Contract for Europe.


Key documents:

Our ideas (priorities) submitted in the Platform:


- Videos from the live streaming of the High-level ETUC event on the Conference on the Future of Europe “Trade Unions for a Fairer and More Social Future of Europe”:

- Tutorial: How to register to the platform of the Conference on the Future of Europe & make endorsements/comment