12.02.2020 Document

Dismissal protection: CGIL victory with ETUC

On Tuesday 11 February, the European Committee of Social Rights (ECSR), the main monitoring body of the Council of Europe European Social Charter, decided - on a complaint submitted by Italian union CGIL against the Italian government (No. 158/2017) - that the right to protection in cases of termination of employment was violated by Italian law.
04.02.2020 Document

ERRATA CORRIGE - Resolution and Annex - A TU input for an Action Plan to implement the EPSR adopted at the EXCO 22-23 October & 17-18 December 2019

Brussels, 4 February 2020 To Executive Committee For information to ETUC Member Organisations Dear colleagues, Please see attached the Resolution "A Trade Union input for an Action Plan to Implement the European Pillar of Social Rights", adopted at the EXCO on 22-23 October and the ANNEX adopted at the EXCO on 17-18 December 2019. Best regards, Liina Carr Confederal Secretary
07.10.2019 Document

15 ETUC priorities for the new mandate of the EU institutions

The European Trade Union Confederation represents 45 million workers from 90 national trade unions in 38 European countries and 10 European sectoral trade union federations. It presents the following priorities for the new mandate of the EU institutions, particularly the new Commission’s Work Programme and strategic agenda for the next five years.