Safe at Home Safe at Work Final Report & National country studies


Trade union strategies to prevent, manage and eliminate work-place harassment and violence against women

This report – produced as part of the ‘Safe at Home, Safe at Work’ Project of the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) – draws together evidence collected from interviews carried out as part of 11 detailed country case studies of European-level developments on gender-based violence and harassment at work, including domestic violence at work. Gender-based violence and harassment is a form of discrimination that causes significant harm to women, whether it take place in the workplace, in public places, on public transport, in schools and colleges, or in the family. The report shows how trade unions and/or social partners have approached the issue in negotiations, collective bargaining, union awareness-raising, training and campaigns, and partnerships with women’s organisations working to end gender-based violence. The report points to good practices in the workplace and shows the added value of trade unions actions, innovations and negotiations to support victims and create workplaces free from violence and harassment. 

You will find enclosed the final report in 5 languages (EN, FR, BG, DE and SP), you will also find the different country reports.