Improving gender balance in ETUC

Congress Resolution presented by Executive Committee on Improving gender balance in ETUC

Having regard to the statutory amendments submitted by the TUC, aiming at improving women’s representation in ETUC statutory bodies and largely inspired by the principles of the Road Map adopted at the Executive Committee in June 2014;

Having regard to the discriminatory rule adopted by Congress in Athens 2011 stipulating that each gender should be represented by between 40% and 60% in ETUC statutory bodies and calling for to put forward measures to ensure a balance between men and women in ETUC;

The ETUC Congress taking place in Paris between 29 September and 2 October 2015 gives mandate to the new Secretariat to redraft the proposed statutory amendments and put forward proposals at the next ETUC Mid-term Conference;

Asks the Mid-term Conference to endorse new amendments. Affiliated organisations undertake to implement those amendments in their nominations to the 2019 Congress, in advance of their formal adoption by that Congress, when they will become applicable.