ETUC position on the New Industrial Strategy for Europe

Brussels, 6 July 2020

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ETUC position on the New Industrial Strategy for Europe

Adopted at the ETUC Executive Committee of 2 July 2020

Summary of key messages

The aim of this position paper is to provide ETUC’s views on the New Industrial Strategy for Europe proposed by the European Commission in March 2020. This document provides a detailed analysis of the strategy as well as key recommendations from the European Trade Union movement. 

ETUC’s key messages on the New Industrial Strategy for Europe are the following: 

  • ETUC urges the European Commission to revise its proposed industrial strategy to address the new challenges brought by the COVID19 outbreak. The new Industrial Strategy for Europe should be the blueprint of a future looking roadmap to speed up industrial recovery and avoid irreversible damages to employment and skills.
  • ETUC calls on the European Commission to strengthen and develop the social dimension of its strategy. The New Industrial Strategy should guarantee adequate support for quality work environment, good working conditions and decent work, especially in the most vulnerable regions. The strategy should also contain measures to ensure social protection for workers in their transition. Finally, it should include more ambitious measures to ensure convergence and solidarity between regions and countries in the EU.
  • ETUC calls on the European Commission to go one step further towards an inclusive governance.  Through effective social dialogue and collective bargaining, the New Industrial Strategy for Europe should ensure workers’ information, consultation and participation in the transitions. Such governance should go beyond simple stakeholder consultation and should be implemented at all levels: EU, national, regional, sectoral and company level.
  • ETUC insists on the need for massive investments in infrastructures and breakthrough technologies as well as strong support for public services and education. Such investments will be key to allow the EU industry to thrive. These investments will be crucial to support Europe’s industrial potential in the future.
  • To finance its Industrial Strategy, ETUC calls on the European Institutions to agree on an ambitious EU budget as well as to adopt measures for a fair taxation. To be properly implemented and to be more than a toothless tiger, the new industrial strategy for Europe will need to rely on sufficient investments and funding. An ambitious EU MFF, as well as fair and effective taxation systems, will be two prerequisites for a successful EU industrial strategy, especially in the context of the COVID19 crisis.
  • ETUC calls for a new social and sustainable Industrial Strategy that strengthens employment and strategic value chains in the EU in a way that helps achieve the European Green Deal objectives. The new EU Industrial Strategy, together with the Circular Economy Action Plan should be the cornerstone of EU climate action and provide the necessary policy and financial tools for the European industry to go green.
  • ETUC calls for a digitalisation of the EU industry that is fair and benefits equally enterprises and workers. While COVID 19 has exacerbated the digital transformation of business and work, the Industrial Strategy should address the challenges of digitalisation at work and improve the protection, employability and well-being of workers.

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