Across-the-board pay rise for Czech public sector

health workers

The Czech government has approved funding for a pay increase for public sector workers, negotiated with trade unions in September. It will bring a flat rate CZK 1,500 (€59) salary increase, meaning on average a 7% rise, taking effect on 1 January 2020.

The government has also confirmed that it will abolish the pay scale for lower paid staff, transferring them to the higher salary rung, adding a further pay increase of 3.5%. This covers non-teaching staff in regional education, cultural services staff, secondary professions in social services and non-medical staff in hospitals. The government will release CZK 11.1 billion from the state budget to provide sufficient funding in the education sector.

“Of course, real negotiations will take place according to the economic situation of local facilities,” said the OSZSP health and social care union. “It is about an agreement that is supposed to be fair to employees. We are, of course, ready to help with the negotiations, as we do every year. Good luck with collective bargaining!”

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