In response to the ETUC’s call for action, a large Euro-demonstration will take place on Saturday 17 September 2011 in Wroclaw (Poland). This Euro-demonstration will be organised with the support of the Polish trade union confederations, Solidarnosc and OPZZ.

The aim of this mobilisation is to assert our opposition to the attack on trade union rights and collective bargaining and to the austerity measures.

The Euro-demonstration in Wroclaw will coincide with the Polish Presidency of the European Union (EU) and the next meeting between the economy and finance ministers (ECOFIN) and the European Central Bank (ECB) which will take place in that same city on 16 and 17 September to review the situation concerning the EU economic and financial crisis.

Route and time of demonstration

- To read the itinerary and the programme, please click: Itinerary/Programme

- The Euro-demonstration will start at 13:30 at Olympic Stadium :

Support material for demonstration


"Yes to European Solidarity - Yes to jobs and Workers' rights - No to Austerity "


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If you would like to receive a poster, please contact Antonio Moreira

Information to the press

- Press Conference:

16th of September : Bernadette Ségol, ETUC General Secretary, Piotr Duda, President of Solidarno??
and Jan Guz, President of OPZZ will hold a press conference at 12:00 at the Hotel Orbis Wroclaw :

-Meeting with the European trade union leaders

17th of September : the press is invited to meet and interview European trade union leaders between 11:45 and 13:15 at
Hotel Olimpia , ul. Paderewskiego 35:


The ETUC will take photos of the Euro-demonstration and will place them online after the event.

Wroclaw, ETUC Press Conference - video

Press contact

Press contacts: for any requests for additional information, please get in touch with the below mentioned persons:

ETUC press contacts

Patricia Grillo Head of Press and Communications +32 (0) 2 22 40 430 +32 (0) 477 77 01 64

Daniele Melli Press officer +32 (0) 2 22 40 431 + 32 (0) 473 94 25 63

Emanuela Bonacina Press officer +32 (0) 2 22 40 432 +32 (0) 473 94 26 47

Contacts in Poland:

Joanna Szymonek International department. Solidarno?? (for journalists speaking English) + 48 58 3084232 - + 48 501 606 327

Wojciech Gumulka Solidarno?? spokesperson (for journalists speaking French) + 48 691 741 407

Grzegorz Ilka Press Secretary. OPZZ+48 601 324 954