Unions urge vote in Euro elections – for fairer Europe, democracy and social justice

Trade unions are today – on the opening day of the European Parliamentary elections (voting opens in the Netherlands and the UK) – reminding all citizens that they should vote, and vote for candidates and parties that will work for a fairer Europe (not less Europe), democracy and social justice.

Trade union leaders are launching their call at the Congress of the European Trade Union Confederation, meeting today in Vienna and bringing together some 1,000 trade unionists from all over the European Union, the European Economic Area and EU candidate countries.

Today the ETUC will launch dozens of photographs and videos on social media of trade unionists calling for a vote for democracy and social justice in many languages, as well as a group photograph of the entire Congress with a banner saying ‘Vote’ in five languages in a symbolic call for a high turnout.

Luca Visentini, General Secretary of ETUC, said “These European elections are very crucial for European working people. Go and vote for those candidates that are committing to fight for more democracy in Europe, for more social justice, better working conditions, higher wages, fair mobility and no social dumping. Make the voice of European workers in this election loud and heard by all the politicians.”

There are video messages from national trade union leaders calling for a vote in the European elections for equality, better jobs and social rights, including Reiner Hoffmann (DGB, Germany), Laurent Berger (CFDT, France), Maurizio Landini (CGIL Italy), Unai Sordo (CCOO, Spain), Pepe Alvarez (UGT, Spain), Joaquin Perez Da Silva (USO, Spain), Miranda Ulens (FGTB, Belgium), Marie-Hélène Ska (CSC, Belgium), Olivier Valentin (CGSLB, Belgium),  Josef Stredula (CMKOS, Czechia),  Eva Nördmark (TCO, Sweden),  Goran Arrius (SACO, Sweden), Laszlo Kordas, (MASZSZ Hungary), Wolfgang Katzian (OGB Austria), Inga Ruginiene (LPSK Lithuania),  Andreas Matsas (SEK, Cyprus), and many others.  

For comments of national trade union leaders see https://www.youtube.com/user/etucces/videos

For ETUC’s programme for the election see:


See ETUC twitter https://twitter.com/etuc_ces,  Facebook https://www.facebook.com/ETUCCES and Instagram https://www.instagram.com/etucces/

Check out the hashtags #EUelections2019 and #Vote